Osceola County Cuisine

About This Project

Family recipes are like time machines and are an important part of local culture. One taste of a family recipe handed down through generations immediately connects us to our past and brings us together.

What is the local flavor of Osceola County? We invite you to submit your favorite original recipes for our collection of Osceola County Cuisine, highlighting the creativity of our community.

See the specific submission guidelines below.


Submission Guidelines

Sharing Your Content

Additional Information

The submission process is free and you are welcome to submit as many recipes as you like. Before you submit, please be aware of the following guidelines regarding copyright:

  • A listing of ingredients does not violate copyright. Similarities between your recipe and someone else's is okay.
  • You may not, however, copy a recipe from a published book or someone's website without their permission because the illustrations, instructions, and descriptions are protected.
  • Submissions must be your own original recipe, or that of a friend or family member that has given their permission.
  • A scan of your great-grandmother's handwritten recipe is fine.
  • Submissions may also include digitized copies of historical recipes or books that are public domain.

What kinds of recipes can I submit?

We encourage a diverse range of submissions that reflect and celebrate Osceola County's culture- past, present, and future. These can be family recipes handed down to you, or recipes you have recently created yourself.

How do I digitize my content?

The most common way will be to type the recipe in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and save it as a PDF file. You may also wish to upload photos of your process and the resulting dish.

If you need help with the submission process, you can visit an Osceola Library System Branch in person, email TheLibrary@osceolalibrary.org or call 407-742-8888 for assistance.

File Types Accepted